Those viral link websites – you know the ones. They have headlines like “Words cannot describe what this man does”. Well, it usually turns out that words can describe it, but only when you click through to an advert laden page.

Yes, the headlines are irksome, but really, we all like a bit of a diversion. So we click.

More often than not, you line the pockets of someone who hasn’t really created anything other than a irritating headline.

What if the site gave any money it made to charity?

I wondered how I would feel if such a site gave away any revenue, and tried hard to credit the original creators of the material it linked to.

I realised I would like that. I would like it a lot.

So, I built it!

AltruistClick is an experiment

Any money raised will go a named charity, and I’ll be as transparent as possible in publishing how much is raised (see posts in ‘meta’ category for status reports!)

At the moment, this has zero running costs. In the event the site starts to pick up traffic, it might incur some server or bandwidth costs, but I’ll my best to beg/borrow/get sponsorships/donations to cover those costs!

Who is behind this?

One person, Paul Dixon (that’s me), came up with the idea and developed it.

I do have some track record in other altruistic projects – specifically www.geograph.org.uk, which I helped to set up as a free and open repository of geographical images of the UK and Ireland. It now contains over 3 million images, all freely reusable under a Creative Commons licence.

Want to get involved?

If you like this idea, and want to get involved, let me know! I’d love to hear from writers, developers, press, and anyone that loves getting a kick out of non-profit administration ;)

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