AltruistClick is two weeks old

While AltruistClick is still very much in a ‘beta’ phase of its existence, I thought it would useful to record some of its history in posts like this….

23rd Feb 2014 – origins

The idea of was born on 23rd February 2014, when I commented on a friend’s reposting of some clickbait headline on Facebook. Instead of lining someone’s pockets to find out the story behind the headline, wouldn’t it be great to feel *good* about clicking?

It only took a few people to agree before I registered the domain name and got to work!

1st Mar 2014 – soft launch

On 1st March, the site was ready to accept visitors. I’d written some initial posts and queued up some posts to be published during the following week.

The site was running on an old Linux server in the loft of my house, on the other end of a Virgin Media cable connection. Not ideal, but fine for a low level of traffic.

2nd Mar 2014 – logo designed

I put out a call asking for logo ideas, and my graphic designer friend Peter Shorey stepped up with a great concept. It’s not integrated into the site yet, but is featured prominently as part of the Facebook page.

4th Mar 2014 – first revenue

The site began to spread via Facebook, and on 4th March it made its first advertising revenue of just under £2! I thought it would only make pennies, if anything, in March, so this was very encouraging! In fact, by the end of the first week it had made £6.50 for charity.

15 Mar 2014 – new server

While traffic levels are low, the site would not withstand the load from any content which got widely shared, so I moved it onto its own server in New York, via cloud provider Digital Ocean. This provides a greatly increased capacity for very low cost.

16 Mar 2014 – two weeks old

So here we are, two weeks in. Total raised for charity so far is £9.23. I’m happy for it to be at low level for a few months – but I still regard this as an experiment. It may turn out that this is a really ineffective use of my time for charity fundraising!

So what’s next?

I’m working on software which will allow some more interactive content, and I’ve had interest from people wanting to write original content. If you want to write for AltruistClick, please do get in touch!

Want to help?

Thank you,

Paul donates all revenue to charity. You can help simply by sharing this page!
Also check our Facebook page for your daily dose of AltruistClick goodness!

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