Incredible Inspiring Lego Creations

It’s amazing what can be made out of Lego. We’ll start with some nice simple designs, but your jaw will be dropping at the end.

Roy Lichtenstein Kiss V 1964

Entitled “Pixel Kiss”, this homage to a Roy Lichtenstein painting uses over twenty thousand bricks and was created by Brian Korte for Brickworkz.

Pixel Kiss

Breaking Bad Camper

Fans of Breaking Bad will like this recreation of the camper van from that show. This was created as a purchasable kit by Citizen Brick, but sadly, no longer available.

Breaking Bad Lego Camper

Helm’s Deep

This incredible Lord of the Rings diorama was created by Goel Kim and Big J, and consists of over 150,000 bricks and 2000 minifigures!

Battle Helm's Deep

Volvo XC90

This full size model of a Volvo XC90 was built by a team of builders at Legoland California.
Volvo XC90

Iron Man

Now we’re getting into the big leagues…this thoughtful looking Iron Man was created in 2007 by Ramón and Amador Alfaro Marcilla.

Lego Iron Man

Victorian on a Mud Heap

This decaying house is one of a series by artist Mike Doyle

Victorian on Mud Heap

A V8 Engine…which actually works

This model of V8 engine would be impressive on its own, but supply it with compressed air and it actually works.

Lego V8

For more pictures, see creator Barry Bosman’s Flickr set. See it in action as its creator shows off its many design features…

That’s pretty impressive right? Where can we can go from here?

Rubiks Cube Solver

You might have seen this done before, but never with such speed! This is CubeStormer II, which can solve a Rubiks Cube in a little over five seconds…faster than any human has ever solved one.

Insane, right? If you liked that, take a look at CubeStormer III which solves in around 3 seconds!

We’ve still got one more to go. Hold on to your hats…

Lego Ball Contraption

Impressive as the CubeStormer II was, nothing can prepare you for the sheer inventiveness of this leviathan, unassumingly called “Lego Ball Contraption”. Taking over two years to build, it’s creator Kawaguchi Akiyuki has created 17 connected modules which will blow your mind with their creativity. donates all revenue to charity. You can help simply by sharing this page!
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