Inspiring eleven year old girl

Alice Dent is an eleven year old Australian girl. She is doing something awesome for her friend:

My friend Claire is 9 years old and fighting a battle with cancer. Claire has lost some of her hair. I have decided to support her by shaving my hair to prove that it’s not what you look like, but who you are and what you do that counts. I’d love it if my friends and family can offer some support also – please consider sponsoring me so Claire knows how many of us are behind her.

I dare you now to watch this video of Alice having her head shaved in front of her classmates without shedding a tear. It’s OK, you can say it’s just dust.

I work with Alice’s mother, but even if I didn’t, I still be impressed by Alice! Not only is she an awesome friend to have, she’s raised over AUD$2000 for leukaemia research!

If you’d like to sponsor Alice, here’s the link. donates all revenue to charity. You can help simply by sharing this page!
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