A truly incredible 98 year old man

This is Dobri Dobrev (which rougly translates as ‘Goody Good’!). He’s 98 years old and for decades he’s been well known fixture of Sofia. Incredibly, he walks 25 kilometers every day to get there from his village. Then, decked out in is homemade clothes and shoes, he collects donations.

Dobri Dobrev at home

Dobri Dobrev at home

But these donations are not for him. He lives off a tiny pension, and it’s estimated he has collected over 40,000 Euros and donated it to struggling orphanages and churches in Sofia.

Dobri thanks a donor

Dobri thanks a donor

He’s a well known fixture in Sofia, as one Reddit user recalls:

…”Dyado Dobri” (Grandpa Dobri), as the locals call him. I lived in Sofia for six months and traveled by public transport. He came on the tram every day, one stop after mine.
Every day he would sit and someone always recognized him and spoke to him. The man tells some very interesting and heart-warming stories. He never begs for money, people just put money in his little wooden box and he shows them respect.

Some say he is atoning for some past sin. But whatever the reason, the world is a better place with him in it.


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