One Star Movie Review Posters

Twitter user @awfulreviews creates these marvellous posters of top movies with one-star Amazon reviews added. Enjoy!


I think the biggest mistake was that this movie was set in the future. They should have set it in at least the present time.



I really didn’t care if the smurfs got wiped out or not.


The Da Vinci Code

What could be worse than watching Forrest Gump playing detective in a museum?


The Great Gatsby

I wouldn’t recommend this movie to a drunken monkey



I’ve never seen a Sandra Bullock movie that I liked. I still haven’t



They should just rename this movie “The Spectacle of Bowie’s Crotch” because my god does that take up a lot of the focus when it’s prancing about on screen


Schindler’s List

Vile, insincere, thinly veiled attempt at an academy award


Shaun of the Dead

The British wouldn’t know comedy if it hit them upside the head. Thankfully I saw this movie on cable and didn’t have to pay for it


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