Skydiver almost hit by meteor?

Is this the moment a skydiver was almost hit by a meteor?

The photo below shows all the frames captured by a skydiver’s helmet camera, stacked on top of each other. It could be a hoax of course. Or…it really could be a meteor, caught during ‘dark flight’ when the meteor is slowed to terminal velocity….


The skydiver’s name is Anders Helstrup, and the incident actually occurred in the summer of 2012. He returned the area shortly afterwards to look for the stone, but found nothing. It’s only now, after the Natural History Museum in Oslo got involved that the story has come to light. Here’s a Norwegian news segment about the incident…

If you want to know more, there’s more details on their website here!

There’s also some pretty detailed forensic analysis here, in Norwegian but try a Google translation donates all revenue to charity. You can help simply by sharing this page!
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