Ten of the shortest funniest videos

You’re short on time, but you could use a good laugh. Well look no further, I’ve got you covered.

But, he’s gay. No, wait…

Locked in a cupboard

There’s more than a touch of Anchorman about this one.

Dana is off tonight

Flipping good timing

I wonder if he still has a job?

Deep Sheep

Oh yeah. One deep sheep…

Special Effects Wizardry

Local news budgets are obviously being stretched a bit thin here…

Naked guy runs into a door

It’s all there in the headline…


Wait, the reporter is called Chuck Storm? Chuck Storm?

I believe I can fly!

Those magnificent men in their flying machines, they go up diddly-up up…

Epic Music for Epic Robot

Never has the 20th Century Fox fanfare been so well played, or used to such dramatic effect as in this video

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