Tiny Manly Things

Tiny versions of manly things took over Reddit this weekend. Here’s some of the best ones…

Tiny Toolchest

This is a labour of love by artist William Robertson

Robertson’s tool chest contains all the same tools that were found in the original. All the tools work, even the plane’s tote (handle) is set a scale 1/8″ to one side as the original. The saw has 160 teeth to the inch. Robinson says that the hardest tool to make was the folding rule with 5 leaf hinge. It is about .030″ thick and hand engraved on boxwood. Things like the shears and dividers also have nice little joints.

Tiny Tools

Tiny Milling Machine

This is a 1/5th scale model of Bridgeport BRJ mill created by Barry Jordan

In 1997, he produced his first; the award winning 1/5 scale Bridgeport BRJ mill. This model took Best in Show at Harrogate, England in 1998 and has gone on to win many other awards in the UK. Barry is now working on his eleventh miniature machine, the Swedish made Tricept 805 five-axis machining center—quite a challenge. He says that his hobby has been part of his brain tumour therapy.

Tiny Lathe

Tiny Drill

Impressive working drill the size of a fingertip!
Tiny Drill

Weapons of little destruction

Tiny Weapons

Tiny Catapult

Tiny Engine

Tiny Engine

Tiny Pipe

Finally, having taken in all this manly engineering, it’s time to relax will a well earned, but very small, pipe.

Tiny Pipe

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