Top five slow motion videos

Chipmunks are a hundred times more adorable in slo-mo…

Let’s start this slow-motion love-fest with something unbelievably cute…

Glass smashing at ten million frames-per-second

Take a look at this footage of a ball smashing into a glass pane at ten million frames per second…it’s so fast, the ball barely moves in this video.

Apollo 11 Launch

Even in slow motion, the rocket engines on the Saturn V seem to spewing out a colossal amount of energy – watch this footage from a 16mm film camera on the launch pad of Apollo 11….

Golf ball hitting steel

You might think the golf ball would change shape a little, yes? You might be surprised just how much it does change….

Slow motion skydiving…

Finally lose yourself in this rather ethereal video of slow motion skydiving… donates all revenue to charity. You can help simply by sharing this page!
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