Ziggy Hadfield and the Spiders from Earth

Commander Hadfield gave a great talk this week at TED 2014. He spoke about his experiences during shuttle launches, spacewalks and his fiery return to earth aboard the Soyuz.

The thread running through it was that facing your fears can enable you to achieve great things:

“So what do you do if you’re afraid of a spider? Walk into the next spiderweb you see. Take a good look and make sure it’s not a black widow, and walk into it. Then do it again. I guarantee if you walk into 100 spiderwebs, you will have changed your fundamental human behavior… And you can apply this to anything.”

Watch the whole talk below, he even reprises his cover of Space Oddity at the end…

…and just in case you’re not one of the twenty million people who’s already seen it, here is Commander Hadfield singing Space Oddity while floating in a most peculiar way…

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